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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Could you explain more about the styles or presentations in which the bows come?

        Sure! When you have liked a product, you will find a section that we call "style". This refers to how you would like us to tailor the bow. We have three adaptations that we can customize for your little one.


a) "Nylon Headband" is a soft elastic band, one size fits all and always in a nude (beige) color, great for newborns or until your babe has enough hair to switch to our metal hair clip. 

b) "Single Clip" style, this means that you will buy only 1 bow arranged on a metal clip, even if in the image you are seeing the pair of bows. Many moms don't need both, either because their baby can fit a clip but still doesn't have enough hair to make a headdress that requires two bows.

c) "Pair Clip". As its name indicates, when you click on this option, you will buy 2 bows arranged on a metal clip, with the same model and size, as shown in most of the photos. 

gift-box (1).png

Can I send an order as a gift?

        Of course! This will have no additional cost. Just add the recipients name and address on the ship-to fields. It will be a pleasure for us to make a special wrap for that dear little one! Keep in mind that it will only be the envelope and the cards that will be personalized, not the outer packaging. Since this must be strong enough and if we decorate it, it will be damaged. It would only be the inner wrapper. Even if you want us to write something special for her or to congratulate her on a special occasion and put your details so that she knows that you sent it to her with love: we will also do that for you! Leave us the text and other explanation of what you want for your gift here in this link:  I will send a gift to a dear little person!


I have a store, and I would love to sell your products.

      Ah So Cute started distributing to local stores in Florida and we are currently shipping our products to stores in different US states. This means a resounding yes! Let's connect! We would love to hear from you and agree on wonderful business relationships with you and your business. Click here: I want to sell "Ah So Cute" products


Can I request a custom order?

       Yes, we love to surprise you! We do not guarantee anything before knowing your proposal well. But it will be a pleasure for us to help you., Due to high sales volume, we sometimes run out of certain materials, contact us to find out in detail what you need, if we can do it: you can count on us!

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