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Our Story

Hello! We are Anays and Freissy, mother and daughter and also business partners. We started AH! SO CUTE a few years ago, motivating each other, we still remember our beginnings on a small table in one of our rooms, then when we immediately started offering our bows in different local markets in our city, we moved to the dining table and so, the rest is history.


Today, we have our own "Ah So Cute Bow-Tique" -as we usually joke- because we already have a large place with incredibly beautiful furniture of that color, where we do not see orders as work but a time where we enjoy what we do, since we feel that way while we enter the studio, all of our energy recharges and our creativity begins to fly to make your little girl's bows delicately assembled, colorful and in different shapes.


In addition to our deep love for each one, we are united by a passion for color palettes, and how a beautiful hairdo with a perfectly combined outfit looks so incredible on our girls. This definitely brings back the memories when I used to do my daughter's hair and create amazing hairstyles to go to school, a party or just to go for a walk. They are unique moments that we will always take with us, and it is precisely that value of camaraderie, friendship and love between mother and daughters that we want to convey with our brand.



Anays is a retired teacher, three decades ago she learned how to make bows, which then she sold to her friends and distributed to small accessories stores in her hometown, while at the same time going to College and raising Freissy. Upon graduating, and due to the short time for her ties venture, she decides to interrupt them and get back at it years later and in a much more structured way with the help of her daughter, who recently made her a grandmother for the first time. When Anays turns off the lights in her workshop, she loves to care of her granddaughter, go for a walk with her family, read and enjoy a good sunset.


Freissy, is a Communicator by profession. She recently married Ismael and became a mother for the first time to a beautiful baby named Alanis, who has given her the privilege of experiencing life's most sublime miracle. Now, with Alanis by her side, Freissy's days have a lot of activities that makes her passionate about continuing to learn and improve in each of her facets. Alanis is her perfect company for adventures and work, since she already has a beautiful space created in the workshop to have fun learning while she hangs out with mommy and grandma to prepare and pack orders. While Freissy enjoys her motherhood and her work, she is also passionate about photography, developing other projects with her husband, discovering new places, swimming in the pool and enjoying the beach.


Freissy and Anays live in a small town in Florida, where the sand, the beach and the sunsets inspire them to continue learning and growing with their brand. So the colors and the variety of styles and shapes in each of her accessories is a reflection of her love for life and of enjoying the wonderful privilege of being the mother of a girl.

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